Wedding photographer in Dublin – recommendation

Probably many people reading this already knows who is the best wedding photographer in Dublin, but for all those, who haven’ t heard about such a person or simply didn’ t need that info, I’ ll say – Daniel from DKPHOTO.

Why I am so sure that…

Why I am so sure that I’ m right. Well, because I hired Daniel for my wedding in Dublin and not only I was very satisfied with his work – also my whole family was amazed after seeing pictures taken by him at my wedding. That’ s also the reason why I’ m recommending his services here.
You surely know what is the most common problem with cameramen and photographers – they are too intrusive, too much visible, so people don’ t act naturally and as a result we get posed pictures or videos, where noone acts naturally.

With Daniel this is not a case: he is almost invisible both to the guests and also to the bride and groom and when I asked him how he does it, he simply said that he always tries to visit the place, where the wedding will be, before the wedding day. That way he knows beforehand where are the best spots for taking beautiful pictures and where he can“ hide” to take a picture without noone noticing.

The most amazing thing about Daniel’ s work is the fact that he works alone, but the pictures look like there were several Daniels taking pictures at several places simultaneously – absolutely amazing, I must admit. Again, I highly recommend this wedding photographer to anyone planning the wedding in Dublin!.

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