How to find a good wedding photographer?

In the Internet you can find numerous more or less accurate advices on how to look for a good wedding photographer, but most of these suggestions aren’ t based on anything more than a theory – in my case it is rather different, because I can tell you from my personal experience that the best wedding photographer should be invisible.

I mean it – but by…

I mean it – but by the“ invisibility” I mean that the photographer should not have any influence on the behaviour of guests and( most of all )the bride and groom.
I had the luck of meeting such a photographer – his name is Daniel and during my wedding he was both invisible and also he was everywhere, where was happening something funny or simply something worth taking a photo. Daniel was also able to catch on his photos the most characteristic personality traits of several guests, which is an art by itself.

Another very important part of…

Another very important part of a good wedding photographer’ s job is to know the environment, the place, where the wedding will take place – this allows the photographer to take really unique pictures without any problem and without being intrusive or noticed by the guests more than necessary. If you want to hire Daniel, just look in the Internet for DKPHOTO – and don’ t worry, his prices are rather reasonable and he also likes to travel, so he can come to your wedding practically anywhere( if you pay the costs of the trip, of course ).

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